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Learn how UNS S32304 and other grades of Arminox Stainless Steel for Concrete Reinforcement can save you significant money when the Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of your project are considered. Click Here.

Stainless Steel Tutorial

Stainless Steel Tutorial

Arminox Stainless Steel. The intelligent, cost effective and corrosion free choice for the construction industry.

Wherever corrosion is a risk, American Arminox Stainless Steel Rebar is your most durable and cost effective solution for concrete reinforcement. It is the certain way of avoiding corrosion related damage and the resulting need for expensive rehabilitation repairs. When you consider the Life Cycle Cost of maintenance, repair and eventual replacement, stainless is your most economical choice.

Aggressive environments, caustic agents in concrete, concrete cracks and exposure all contribute to the premature corrosion and deterioration of traditional carbon steel rebar. The solution is Arminox stainless steel rebar reinforcement.

American Arminox. First in Quality and Expertise
Quality and durability are essential. Arminox has over 50 years of experience in stainless steel metallurgy and manufacturing, using only the best materials and processes.  Look to Arminox for reliable information, expert advice and best product quality.

American Arminox UNS S32304 Stainless Steel is the most cost effective solution  for corrosion resistant concrete reinforcement for the construction  industry when compared to other available grades such as UNS S31653, UNS S31603, UNS S31803, UNS S32205, UNS S24000, UNS S24100, EnduraMet 32  and XM-28

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